Technical telecommunication personnel

We are looking for serious people, desirous of personal development in the field of telecommunications.
You do not need to have experience. Each employee has free training in the upgrade 2G and 3G signal at high levels across Europe.
If you have a conversational  English-level and valid B-category driving license, you have the opportunity to visit the whole of Europe working for this company.

The ideal candidate:


  •     Driving license B valid;

  •      English conversational level. Careful! It is an elimination condition. The employer wants people who are able to have a simple conversation in English.

  •      The person must have skills in working with tools.

  •      Availability for journeys abroad for periods of up to 7 consecutive months.

Specific activities

    People employed in this position travel to the destination decided by management in Central and Western Europe.
    The activity involves mounting modules at a height (on blocks, reed posts, etc.). The maximum altitude that can be reached is 30 meters, so you should not be afraid of height.
    If you are chosen for hiring the last test is the height test and medical test in Timisoara - Romania

We offer:


  • For the less experienced, training is provided. Training is paid with the minimum wage in Romania. The training can take between 2 weeks and 1 month depending on how quickly you learn what to do. Throughout the training, accommodation is provided free of charge by the employer.

  • At the end of the training. He goes to ministry. As long as you are on the mission, the minimum wage is added between 55-78 Euro / day (depending on the country you are in), including Saturdays and Sundays. Monthly earnings vary between 1800 and 2500 Euros depending on the country in which the mission is located.

  • Service car and specialized equipment.

  • When you are on the mission, the company provides (optional) accommodation at a cost.

Please apply only once / candidate. Any person who completes the form will be entered into the database by one of our operators. When a job opportunity appears that matches your profile, you will be contacted by phone to establish an interview.

We wish you great success!

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