Weaver Germany

Ideal candidate

  • Medium studies (professional school, minimum 10 grades);

  • Knowledge of German or English at the conversational level (with learning availability in the future of the German language);

  • Age between 25-40 years;

  • Work experience in the factory with weaving profiles;

  • Attention to detail, skill and patience;

  • Availability of work in 3 shifts;

  • Persons wishing to settle in Germany;

  • Positive thinking; Teamwork;

  • Owning your own personal car for workplace travel.


Description of the job


The looms you will be working on will be: Jacob Muller, type NF and NG.

A weaver has to do the following during a shift:

  • Taking over the shift

  • Conduct quality control of the finished product and record in process specific documents;


During the shift, situations may arise where you will need to:


  •  Load the loom, entangle threads;

  •  Set up / regulate the loom;

  •  Monitor and adjust the loom;

  •  Maintenance and cleaning of the loom.

  •  Change the full containers and register it in the system.



  • Work contract for a fixed period of up to two years, with the possibility of contracting a permanent contract depending on achievements; On-the-job training;

  • Gross salary 12 euro / hour; the net minimum wage is 1300 euros / month at 40 hours / week worked.

  • Accommodation during the probation period (until signing the contract);

  • Accommodation insurance for the first 3 months after signing the contract.

Please apply only once / candidate. Any person who completes the form will be entered into the database by one of our operators. When a job opportunity appears that matches your profile, you will be contacted by phone to establish an interview.

We wish you great success!

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